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Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
It’s Facebook, it amazes me! I’ll admit, I don’t know everything about it. For instance, the other day, I asked my daughter how to post something In The Future. You know, with a future posting time/date. She explained it to me via Text, which I appreciated. But nothing she texted looked anything like what was on my screen. It’s okay, I just staggered my posts over three days.

Sometimes, when I’m trying to find someone, I’ll look them up on FB. Nine times out of ten, I’ll find who I’m looking for. Not to mention all the people I’ve become re-acquainted with over the years. How fun to run into old high school buddies! I often get friend requests from people I don’t know, sorry, I’ll delete the request.

I’ve had wonderful success in “getting rid of stuff.” Most recently, I posted the old generator. The one we replaced after “The Freeze.” We purchased a new and bigger one, and the old one had to go. In the process of trying to lift it off its platform, it fell to the ground. It was placed on the driveway next door, “The Broken House,” as my grands call it. I took a picture of it and placed it on FB – “Free, come and get it!” It took 9 guys, but they eventually loaded it into the back of their pickup.

Before that, I listed our pool stairs – “Free, come and get it!” Lo and Behold if the guy that bought our old pool wanted the stairs. He came and picked them up within the hour.

Okay, I’ve never SOLD anything off FB, but that’s okay. Like the Crepe Myrtles I gave away. They were planted too close to the pool and they shed their pretty little flowers all in the pool. No problem, some lovely “tree huggers” came over, dug them up and now they’re thriving over on Lazy Lane! I drive down the street to admire them from time to time.

Always remember, One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.
Happy Shopping!


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