The writing’s on the wall

By Georgia Osten
My next career path! Professional Golfing. Yep, that’s where I’m headed, move over Tiger. No more desk job for me. No Sir-ee. No more spreadsheets, computers, budgets, payrolls – you can have it! The memory’s failing day by day. Truth be told, I can’t remember anything anymore, anyway. I have to write everything down so I can possibly remember it the next day, and if there’s a weekend involved, forget it!

It’s bad at home too. I’ll be headed to the back bedroom and inadvertently take a right turn at the laundry room and wonder what the heck I’m doing in the laundry room. By then, I’ve forgotten why I was headed to the bedroom.

I’m excited about the next page in my career. I think I’ll be a pro. You should have seen us at the putt putt the other day – me and my team, Cathie, Benny and Tom. Man oh man! Right Cathie? We took third place, I don’t know who got 1st or 2nd, I think we should challenge them to a re-match.

When I was a kid, I thought I’d like to be a crop duster, things like college, marriage and children stepped up to the plate instead. When we lived in Louisiana, I met an attorney who was a Wing Walker. What a glamorous occupation! Cynthia LaBourgeois – even her name was glamorous! Long blond hair flying in the wind and a red spandex suit with a scarf about 10 feet long. I wondered how her scarf didn’t get caught in the propeller. And man, could she tear them up in court. She had the judges wrapped around her little finger.

That’s Louisiana for you – bigger than life. She was an actress too, you should’ve seen her in Big Fish!

I digress, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

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2 Responses to “The writing’s on the wall”

  1. STEVI GREGORY says:

    Georgia, That was a great article, however, you are not alone in being forgetful. I think we all just have so much on our plates these days that our brains are overworked. It has been this way for me over the last year, and it was quite scary, but I started a regimen, and I stick to it, and relax my brain, and forget all about work and computers, and just chill, and it seems to have helped. Hope all goes well with your relaxation plan.

  2. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I enjoyed your article. Putt-Putt may be the way to go. Do not worry about forgetting stuff. We highly intelligent folk have so much stored in our brains that it takes a while to figure out where we are going and what we are planning to do.

    I think you are a very smart and cute person. By the way, do I know you?

    Linda C. Elissalde

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