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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past week was to be full of travel, food, and of course, shopping. The weather did not assist in the travel. You see, Tuesday was our travel day. Shannon, Terri and I had made great plans to head up I-10 to Brookshire to visit Brookwood. If you have not visited Brookwood, try to visit for the Holidays. They have a great garden center and beautiful cement statues to visit in the spring or summer. Anyway, back to the story. I had worked myself into a corner in crafts, and little time to finish. I cannot resist craft, but midnight is not my creative time. You know what I mean – I’m a morning person. With the weather so bad, I stayed inside and played with Christmas bows and wreaths. I did miss the great food at Brookwood, but we have found another day we can go, so all is good.

Wednesday was a workday, and then there was Thursday! Four of us from work went to the Nutcracker Market at the NRG Center. If you have not traveled the Gulf Freeway and 610 – DON’T! We are way too old to negotiate the construction and detours. Anyway, the trip was so much fun, and there were many new shops to visit. I discovered I need to get back to walking daily, or at least the days I don’t work. I’m getting “old lady slow”. Can’t have that!

Friday – more bows to make.

Except for the cold weather, I really do love this time of the year and the friends in my life.

Peace and Love


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