Warm-Up Your Beach Home In the Winter Months

BeachDecor_0By Nicole LoCicero
People who live in or own beach homes want to make them appear warm and inviting, even during the winter months. However, some people don’t know what they should do in order to provide their home with this atmosphere. Designing the interior of a home can be a tricky experience for those who don’t have an eye for fashion. This problem is not a difficult one to solve because there are many simple things a beach homeowner can do to make their house feel like a comforting place.

What Color Paints Should Be In A Beach Home?
People who are looking to redecorate their beach home are probably going to start with an interior paint job. The paint on the walls is going to set the entire tone of the home, so it’s one of the most important aspects of a beach house. Dark colors are not going to provide the home with the right feel- a beach house should have something like tan, light blue, or even sand colored paint on the walls. These colors are more neutral and easier to match with, especially when it comes to decorations throughout the home. The paint on the walls should always set the theme of a home, and this is especially important for those who live near the beach.

What Type Of Decorations Should Go In A Beach House?
Making a home feel like it’s beach-oriented is not that difficult to do. There are so many decorations a person can choose from to provide this atmosphere. A homeowner needs to look for things like shells, fish designs, anchors, and other things they can place throughout their home. There are unique decorations that a homeowner can make use of in order to spruce up their home as well, such as an anchor with lights on it. These are going to be perfect for the wall in a bedroom and will also provide soft lighting that sets the tone in a room.

Diver Down Coastal Mirror

Diver Down Coastal Mirror

A powerful overhead LED light is not going to be the same as a soft glow coming from the wall- which is more appropriate for a beach house.

Small mirrors can also be found which have unique frames, such as those made with recycled wood to look like driftwood with warm ocean tones or mermaid or a swimming fish. These items will make a guest think of the beach and water when they see them, so they are always appropriate for a beach home. Also, things like crabs statues or fishing net around a home are also a good idea. A net can be hung against a wall that can hold many decorations on it, such as fishing lures or small sculptures of something like a seahorse or a shark. Lighthouse coffee table decorations are also a good idea and will contribute to the warm beach atmosphere in a home.

What about Exterior Decorations?
Many beach house owners also like to do things to the outside of their home to make it look more beach-friendly. If there is a walkway leading up to the house, consider putting a seagull, starfish, lobster, or even turtle decor along the path.

Seagull exterior wall art

Seagull exterior wall art

There are small figurines and statues that can be found at interior design stores which will be perfect for this purpose. Coral is also a great idea for an exterior decoration because it will withstand any harsh weather and look good for many years. Consider placing some coral on the front deck for guests to enjoy as they approach the home.

There are plenty of options a homeowner can take advantage of if they have the right beach decor to put on the interior and exterior of their house. Check out some pictures of other beach homes in order to get some ideas for your residence. The trick to creating a beach-like atmosphere is having the right paint color and decor accessories.

Nicole LoCicero is a decorator, homemaker and mother.
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