Fall Bug!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
While we were in Deep North East Texas, a cool front came in, and I mean cool. The mornings were in the mid forties! Wow! Had the fireplace on while the coffee was making with an afghan around my knees. Of course, there was very little humidly in the air all day, that was wonderful. So I have deemed today the start of crock pot cooking. I rummaged through the cabinet for my crock pot cookbook and started the great look for something to go with the stuff in the fridge. You know all those left overs you were going to have for lunch all week, and didn’t. What I started with was hamburger meat, onion, and a half carton of beef stock. Looked in the pantry ???? what goes with this? Took out a can of tomato sauce, chilies, taco mix and a can of ranch style beans. Added this half a can of corn left over and a few roma tomatoes chopped. After putting all this into the pot I rinsed all the cans with the beef stock. Let’s see how it turns out. RR’s only comment before he left this morning was, “Boy that is a lot of onions in that skillet!”

We could tell the weather was cooling off some, it was really nice sitting out Sunday evening after we had dinner for friends leaving the park to work on their home and land destroyed by the storm. We enjoyed the sunset and the cool breeze and a glass of wine together. Well, maybe it was two glasses of wine … It will be quite awhile before they can return their homes on wheels here at the beach. And we will miss them everyday.

I really like fall at the beach, like friends say, take back the beach time. I totally agree and enjoy the quiet times from September to November. Then the rain, and what I call cold weather comes in more often than I like and it is time to hibernate in a very small area. This year I must come up with something to do, some craft or hobby so I don’t spend my time watching the TV so much. A woman can only take so much Hallmark movies and Kleenexes. And by this time next year, I will know more rules about golf than I have ever wanted to.

Today is my grocery day, so my list is going to be more fall items instead of watermelon, and summer stuff. I guess I’ll have to turn the a/c up for dinner for a while, or until I go back to RR – “please put this on the grill, Dear.”

Enjoy your week. Cook something new.

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