Amazing Grace

Dolphins – The activity in the Galveston Bay crossing by Ferry is amazing! If only we could capture them on film – but you really never know where they’re going to surface. Nevertheless, watching the dolphins roll and jump and bow surf makes for a very interesting 20 minutes. We spotted Pinky several months ago, but haven’t seen her lately. When asked, the Ferry Boat Crew tell us they haven’t seen her in quite some time either. The abundance of dolphins, their antics, their gracefulness, takes your breath away!

It is difficult to get a good have to anticipate when they are going to jump

Surfing in front of the ferry...they look so graceful and move with such ease

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  1. ed snyder says:

    BOY- I’ll say- the dolphin can get pretty playfull as well as agressive- on my many ferry trips to and from galveston my camera (always ready)- has imaged those who have playfully leaped the bows of ships and in one case i’ve actually captured two dolphin fighting– and i mean teeth bared- I THOUGHT- but then on showing it to a marine biologist she informed me they weren’t fighting but were mating- WOW!! COOL!!! – whenever crossing on the ferry my advice would be to have your camera out on auto settings at wide angle- then when you’ve spotted the dolphin just point in there general direction and shutter- most times you can get something- with most cameras today having screen type view finders it becomes a lot easier- the dolphin are fun to watch and with a little practice you can get some pretty nice photos– good luck and have fun–

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