And the Beat Goes On

By Georgia Osten
It’s only been a month since a group of our precious ones fled the country, and we miss them mightily! That’s The Middles. Thank goodness for Face Time! The memory of care packages comes back full force. We’ve shipped plenty already and we’ve now found out Amazon ships as well! Here they are making Halloween cookies from a recent care package.

Our Littles are keeping us busy lately. We’re preparing for another outing with them later this week. More weddings for their parents to attend/officiate. Yes, our son  marries people. I think it’s wonderful. He plays the part quite well – Reverend Osten.

It seems this Covid thing is easing up a bit, at least it feels like it. Witness of that was the event this past weekend up at the Crab Festival Park. Brad and Big Rich’s event was a smashing success. What a surprise! I think people are just ready to get out and be social (to a limit). There’s not as much hugging involved, but it’s a welcoming feeling to be around all these folks again.

It felt like a mini Texas Crab Festival, kind of made everyone wonder if we shouldn’t have gone with it in September. Perhaps folks wouldn’t have been ready yet? We sure didn’t want anyone to feel we rushed things.

Some folks say all this Covid stuff is political and it should ease up within the next few weeks. I have no idea and I sure don’t want to get into all the political side of it. A discussion with a co-worker this morning was enlightening. She said it’s going to be like everything else. The older of us can die from the flu or pneumonia or now, Covid. There will be a vaccine for Covid one of these days and we’ll just have to get used to the idea of being vaccinated for all these things each year. Which reminds me, I’ll stop in at the pharmacy at Kroger next time I’m in town.

Y’all stay healthy and safe. We’ll see you at the next Outdoor event!

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