Another SCORE for Peninsula Sports Park

By Leslie Lowe
YOUTH SOCCER kicked off Saturday morning filling Gregory Park with families and fans cheering on nearly 60 kids age 5-14 demonstrating their newly learned soccer skills. Not only are kids up to age 14 involved, but several local High School and College teens also stepped up to take on roles of Coach and Official. PSP is able to enhance athletic opportunities to the peninsula with the support of the community through donations and fundraisers. Team Sponsors provide equipment and supplement player registration fees allowing each child to only pay $40 to participate, which is substantially lower than fees required in other youth sports programs in our surrounding areas. You can join the fun each Saturday morning at Gregory Park, games begin at 9:00 am, bring a lawn chair and mosquito spray.

Winners from opening weekend:
Age 11-14: Contenders def Tidal Waves
Age 8-10: Black Tips def Twisters
Age 5-7: Avengers def Skeeters, Islanders def Blasters

ISLANDERS sponsored by Sandollar RV Park coached by Luke and Natasha Palmer

AVENGERS sponsored by Sweat Fitness getting a pep talk from Coach Paulina

TIDAL WAVES sponsored by Signature Services Realty Group and CONTENDERS sponsored by Ocean Grille


SKEETERS sponsored by Bolivar Tourism coached by Donna Warren and Jason Warren

The winning BLACK TIPS with their proud sponsors Drs. Ron and Lillian Abbott

Davey Thornborough has generously shared his soccer knowledge with coaches and players

Richard Thompson speaking with teams after each game further explaining the game and calls. Pictured: TWISTERS sponsored by Clayton Warren Adams, the Texas Singing Realtor, and BLACK TIPS sponsored by Drs. Ron & Lillian Abbott

Coaches Roberto Tovar and Alan Gutierrez preparing their CONTENDERS for a WIN

The hardest working guys in PSP Soccer, Luke Palmer and Richard Thompson

ISLANDERS sponsored by Sandollar RV Park taking on the BLASTERS sponsored by Lange’s Septic Service coached by Paulina Cruz and Tim Goff

TWISTERS sponsored by Clayton Warren Adams, the Texas Singing Realtor

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One Response to “Another SCORE for Peninsula Sports Park”

  1. Janie Mayfield says:

    Leslie…I cannot praise you enough for the great job you are doing with this Sports Program and the kids of the Bolivar Peninsula and the surrounding area.
    They are not only having fun…they are learning life skills, what teamwork is all about and who knows…a college scholarship could come into play later on.

    To the coaches and parents…after retiring and having a mom who taught school for 35 years, I am a firm believer you have to keep kids busy doing positive things as they grow up. So I went to the schools, helped any teacher that needed me, organized sports banquets, proms, cheering and dance, fundraisers,, etc….anything to keep them active in a positive way. I encourage the coaches and parents to stay involved…it is definitely good for the kids.

    To the sponsors…(business and private)…keep up the wonderful support you are giving the Bolivar Peninsula Sports Park and the programs being provided to the area children.

    To the Community….the Fundraisers for this Sports Organization is critical in raising funds to provide additional support.
    If you have never been to some of these events….please check them out!!! Some of them are decorated events with excellent food, music, prizes, auctions, etc. and lots of fun !!! Some include the October Fishing Tournament, the upcoming big fundraiser at Laugna Harbor on Saturday, November 10th (wonderful food by one of our area cooking teams, music, dancing, auction) , the newly created Spring “Watermelon Crawl” Beach Parade for Golf Carts and Jeeps (decorated beach parade, restaurant stops with food, painted watermelon rocks Scavenger Hunt, games, food and prizes and awards at the end of the event. There are other events through out the year. These events are a great way for coastal communities to have fun providing support for the kids and the programs provided.

    To everyone involved…..”Keep Up The Good Work” !!!! To anyone that would like to GET involved…give Leslie a call !!! Leslie… You have my continued support !!!

    Janie Mayfield

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