Artist Patricia Hagstrom wins Best of Show

By Linda Elissalde
Bolivar Peninsula artist Patrica (Patty) Hagstrom won Best of Show in Galveston Art League fall juried show with her creative panels “Reef Visitors”. Well know artist Linda C. Dumas served as judge for the 108 entries from Galveston and other areas. Linda is a judge on the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show School Art Committee and is now Steering Judge.

Patty has been painting and exhibiting her work in the United States and International scene for over 25 years. She received a BS degree from Villa Marie College in Erie, Pa. and BFA degree from Dominican College in Houston, Texas. She pursued her advanced art studies with a scholarship from Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy. Later Mrs. Hagstrom obtained her Masters Degree from the University of Houston.

Galveston Art League located on Postoffice St., Galveston, Texas began promoting local art in 1914. It is a delightful venue for wonderful, myriad types of art. Guests at the September 3 event were welcomed to this outstanding display of artistic talent by President Margo Snider and Billie Rinaldi. Heavy rain could not diminish spirits. Everyone enjoyed visiting while viewing multiple amazing displays of various styles. They also enjoyed tasty snacks and wine. Awards for winning creations were announced at the end of the evening. Patricia received a certificate and $300 as her prize. The gallery is open Friday-Sunday, Noon to 6:00 PM.

Patty’s statement declares a profound love for art. “With you as the viewer, I delight in creating a visual experience. The empathy with our surroundings could not exist without the two of us.” Crystal Beach’s own Patricia Hagstrom certainly achieved her goal with “Reef Visitors” winner of BEST OF SHOW.

“Reef Visitors” winner of BEST OF SHOW.


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5 Responses to “Artist Patricia Hagstrom wins Best of Show”

  1. Justin Cosby says:

    Was just trying to find out more about this amazing artist. I went thrift shopping today a regular hobby of mine and stumbled upon ” Queen Triggerfish ” artist proof #1 along with ” Clown Triggerfish ” artist proof #1. I could tell right away they were special so I looked on ebay to see if she was a well known artist and there I saw the same two works in artist proof #3 in totally different colors. So I snatched them up immediately for $7 a piece. Maybe my best score ever I plan on keeping them and treasuring them for a very long time. If she ever sees this thank you for your amazing work!

  2. Karen Kelly says:

    Hugs to our favorite artist.
    Those pieces would look great next to our copy of your
    Hurricane Ike silkscreen.🥰

    Congratulations dear Patty.
    Byron and Karen Kelly

  3. Fantastic! Congrats Patty! So great to see your work. As always you are so creative and talented. Love your work.

  4. Klela Bentley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Patty. It is truly beautiful. You only get better every year.
    Love you, Klela

  5. PattyE says:

    WOW!!! Great pictures Patty! CONGRATULATIONS…. LOVE THE ART!!

    Love you,
    The other Patty

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