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Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
I recently wrote an article about Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem that had been destroyed. He had a definite goal, he had determination, he would not be deterred, and he suffered detractors. We can learn so much from this man of God. I am thankful this season we can all learn from his life and pattern our own behavior after his. If God has given us a task to do, He will be with us as we plan it, as we study, as we travel, as we give, as we enlist others, as we physically set out to complete the task, and as we stay the course and complete the job.

I challenge you to take the time to sit down and read the Book of Nehemiah during the Thanksgiving week and give thanks for his example of leadership, as well as others God has provided for us.

When we start out to do a work for God, no matter the size, Satan will try to discourage, distract, distort, and defeat us. We must take another pointer from Nehemiah. When his enemies tried to get him to stop working and come and visit them, he recognized the ploy for what it was. He said no. Guess what? They sent messengers again. They came four times.

I love what Nehemiah said to them. “Can’t you see I am doing a great work? I cannot come down. I must complete my task.” Paraphrasing his reaction a bit, I think Nehemiah said, “Look, I know what you’re up to. You want me to come and hang out and visit, but I am smarter than that. You guys are not going to deter me from doing the job God put in my heart to finish.”

When we set out to work for God, our family, our church, our community, or our country, Satan will send his minions to try to discourage and defeat us. The distraction may not be sinful or necessarily wrong, but if it hinders us or stops our forward progress, he will have succeeded.

I personally love most work and I am happiest when I am producing. I am truly grateful I have meaningful work to do and appreciate having health and energy to do it. Thank God for Nehemiah, a good example of a faithful worker.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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