Bountiful Gathering

By Georgia Osten
Okay, well my story is the last one for the evening, the one my husband is waiting for so he can put the paper to bed. Look, I’ve been at work most of the day and I spent the last hour in my garden gathering today’s crop of tomatoes. No, I didn’t grow the banana, it just happened to be on this dish when I dumped the tomatoes. As any of you gardeners know, the tomatoes come in first, fast and furious and then, all of a sudden, they’re through.

It’s all good, we’ll take them any way we can. Go ahead and cut away the worm holes, go ahead and cut off the bottom rot, don’t be a sissy, it’s all good. Tonight when I was done picking, I came up the stairs to see my husband sitting on the deck with his glass of wine and one poured for me – Heaven! We sat for another hour and ate some of the little grape tomatoes with our wine – Heaven!

Our Summer begins tomorrow! This is the day we look forward to for a year. We’re done with the Crab Festival for at least another 5 months, I’m down to one job that I love, and we’re off to the airport tomorrow to pick up our prime package.

Our 10-year-old granddaughter arrives tomorrow from North Carolina. This will be her second solo trip to visit Texas and The Family. We’ll share, reluctantly, just kidding. Auntie Ree has her Saturday night. They plan to go to the TUTS production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Her cousin, Emma, first granddaughter, happens to be the stage director for this production.

Oh my goodness, do I sound like a proud grandparent? Stay tuned for adventures with Addyson for the Summer.

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  1. Kellum says:

    She’s so ready! Texas ~ here she comes!

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