Cat Holtzclaw

Catherine HoltzclawBy Linda Elissalde
Catherine Holtzclaw is well known for her multi-talented artistic abilities. Not only does Cat paint, decorate houses, create artistic picture and furniture pieces, but she is also famous for her lovely floral arrangements. The altar of Bay Vue United Methodist Church bears witness to many of her endeavors. Mrs. Holtzclaw’s creation for the July 1st patriotic church service showed her deep devotion to her country. Elements of our beach homes were represented by a vase covered with shells. Palm branches delighted in cleverly created red, white and blue holders. The Holtclaws famous red Hibiscuses added just the right touch to this unique creation.

Catherine Holtzclaw

Cat and Tom Hotzclaw combine their talents to make delightful gifts for friends. Cat’s gift on Sunday was this charming piece to honor our July Fourth Independence Day, 2018.


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