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Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 9-29-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Since the storm surge, high waters have receded quickly. With everything cleaned up, I have had the opportunity to go out for a couple of afternoons to scout East Bay. The water has excellent clarity and salinity and there was active bait throughout the bay. Birds are beginning to work some in mid bay although there are tons of gafftops

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 9-22-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
It looks like we will miss any lasting negative changes in East Bay from this latest storm. I expect the waters to be in good shape by next week. I’ll post a report after I’m back on the water next week. I now have an opening for an on the water class this weekend.

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 9-15-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Galveston East Bay conditions are continuing to improve each day now although we have rescheduled some trips due to some strong NE winds. I will take it though as this is an ideal pattern for this time of year! Fish are in a good late summer/early fall pattern with some birds working sporadically in the

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 9-8-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Galveston East Bay is in exceptionally good shape after dodging the bullet from the hurricane. There was a small tide surge but I think it helped the overall health of East Bay. Southwesterly winds were blowing hard for a good part of the following week but the winds turned from the northeast by Friday and the holiday weekend leaving the water

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 8-25-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
I have taken my boat out for planned maintenance and upgrades. Due to the storm, I will delay putting it back at the boat slip. As of writing this report, it doesn’t seem likely that I will be back for several days. I will resume trips and reports as soon as we can safely return and get on the water. As long as there is no major flooding involved, the fishing should

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 8-18-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
The speckled trout remain scattered but present on most East Bay reefs with no big concentration or schools anywhere yet. We have done a lot of running and mainly keyed on slicks around shell to get any keepers, with Down South Plastics working better than anything including shrimp. We conducted a couple of classes this week and as of

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 8-11-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
This week we conducted a couple of our on the water classes along with regular fishing charters so we ran all ends of East Bay. The water in most of the bay had excellent water clarity and salinity. There was just not much bait activity or tidal movement with lower tides and the full moon. I did note some shrimp showing up in the back of the bay even though

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 8-4-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
It’s getting time to start looking forward to switching gears and getting this summer behind us. Hunting seasons begin in just a few weeks and the best times for fishing Galveston East Bay will be here soon! Even though fresh water continued to deteriorate water conditions into early summer, now I think it is setting up to be an exceptional fall like we haven’t

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 7-28-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Despite some tough bay conditions we were able to put together a good box of decent size specks on the days we went out last week. The trout are active but scattered on mid bay reefs when the water is not dirty. Live shrimp under a popping cork have worked the best when they are available. The jetties and west bay have continued to be

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 7-21-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner

With strong persistent west winds we canceled and took off last week. We will return to running trips weather permitting this week and have a new report with updates next week.

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 7-14-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
As I expected, we started last week with west and southwest winds over caution criteria which means East Bay was mostly rough and muddy. The winds eased down by the end of the week and we were able to put together good boxes of keepers although we had to cull numerous throwbacks. East bay was recovering steadily and the water

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 7-7-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
We had a very windy week heading up to the holiday weekend. Fishing was tough with some 20+ mph sustained SW wind through mid week. Most of East Bay was left dirty by the end of the week. We did have a great outing with Police officers and Texas Boys Outdoors! We caught a lot of fish but not many keepers. Some of the party

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 6-30-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
The rains every day last week really did not hurt the fishing conditions of most of Galveston East Bay in the long run although the runoff to Trinity Bay remains on the high end. I used up my 9 lives fishing through thunderstorms in my younger days. We canceled most of our trips and classes last week due to weather conditions/lightening threat, but

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 6-23-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
We have finally gotten rid of the worst of the fresh water in Galveston East Bay and fishing has really turned on this week. I am just hoping that the tropical moisture forecasted for this week is not excessive to where it sets us back more. For those that have taken my class, we are in a “mid summer pattern” in the bay. Trout are good on most

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 6-16-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
I am just adding this note to my last week’s report as conditions haven’t changed much. We were mostly blown out this week. The wind pumped across the bay from the Northeast most of the week and we were only able to run one class with a couple of trips being cancelled. The water was rough and dirty but the salinity levels are

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 6-9-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
I held off posting my report as long as possible to monitor the impact that the tropical system would have on the bay. It looks like it will be a benefit to us and actually help drop the salinity levels more. After the winds die down mid week and tides return to normal, bay waters should clear up quickly with a good early summer pattern starting. Everything has

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 6-2-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Sounding like a broken record, but it looks like that we will possibly be continuing to deal with fresh water run off in Galveston East Bay for several more days. At the time of writing, Lake Livingston Dam discharge is at 23000 cfs but expected to be increased as the Trinity River rises due to flooding rains continuing up north. Local runoff is

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 5-26-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
No changes from last week, however, there definitely will be some changes after the forecasted rain this week.
Fishing had really started the transition into a good consistent late spring pattern this week but then here comes the flooding rains over the weekend. Hopefully it will flush out quickly this week. We did not get as much as they forecasted

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 5-19-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Fishing had really started the transition into a good consistent late spring pattern this week but then here comes the flooding rains over the weekend. Hopefully it will flush out quickly this week. We did not get as much as they forecasted but the rainfall up north that ends up in the Trinity river is the thing to watch. The bay water salinity has tested

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 5-12-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
As of the time that I am writing this report, winds are forecasted to be 10-15 knots with gusts to 25 for the next several days. 15 knots = 17.26 mph. This means choppy conditions for most mid bay reefs. On the bright side, a constant wind direction will eventually clear some protected bay areas. Now, there are fish out on most

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 5-5-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Weather disturbances were the driving force of fishing conditions again last week with the passage of a front and 70+ mph winds clocked at the jetty. The water was pretty messed up but some specks were caught later in the week with the strong incoming tides. I ran classes when the wind permitted this week and found most of the active

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 4-28-2020

Captain Bryan's Fishing ReportThe Bay conditions the last few weeks have been dominated by fronts every few days with strong winds and cooler temps in the aftermath of each disturbance. This is great for yard work but really keeps the fish on the move with changing water conditions and small windows of opportunity. Water temps went from 79.5 to 69 in just a couple of days and as of Saturday it was back to the low 80’s.

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 4-14-2020

Captain Bryan's Fishing Report

From Easter weekend through this week we are going to have elevated winds which will turn from the north and really slow down fishing for a few days. I have some classes scheduled for the weekend and will be anxious to get back out. I really don’t think it will impact the fishing much as it will warm back up quickly. It will just extend successful days for those who have been producing good

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 4-7-2020

Captain Bryan's Fishing ReportEverything remains about the same in the Bay
I haven’t been out this week and everything remains about the same in the Bay this week on reports and conditions. We have had a lot of wind and are looking for more this week. Good time to service your fishing equipment! Fishing near areas of tide movement on the protected shorelines has produced some solid trout for waders during

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-31-2020

Not many changes since my last report except there is more bait in the bay.
Fish are in transition now and the bite has been very weather dependent. The winds have more impacts on the bay conditions than anything else with gusts from the west or southwest being the worse and shutting everything down quickly, even under favorable tide

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-24-2020

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Galveston East Bay and its fishing patterns are in early full transition now with the early warm up. The water is in excellent condition. Fish are on the move and are on most of the mid bay oyster reefs. However, the winds have limited being able to fish the reefs much for the last

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-17-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
It’s great to be back on the water and posting Galveston East Bay fishing reports again! This week we had successful spring break fun trips with lots of action for everyone. Whiting, speckled trout, and some black drum were all biting. Since we had a mild winter and early spring, the spring fishing patterns seem to be running a few weeks early with the

Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-10-2020

By Captain Bryan Brawner
I have been asked a lot about what I think will happen after Rollover Pass is filled in so, with the beginning of the new year and decade, I am going to share a short experience I had a few years back before Ike while fishing with clients in East Bay. It was a brisk fall weekday morning with the marina nearly deserted like I like it. My clients pulled up

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