Ellie’s Clever Birthday Plan

By Linda Elissalde
Eleanor (Ellie) Pollard is cute, sweet, talented and very smart. Ellie loves having birthdays, but decided that she preferred to not get older. So, she devised her own birthday plan. Instead of adding a year, she subtracts a year as each celebration rolls around. Imagine becoming younger every year as you grow older. Genius! Husband Tom agrees that Ellie is a very intelligent lady.

Bryan and Shauna King created the October 21, 2021 event. Chef Bryan treated folk to his delicious, delectable pulled pork and barbecued beans. Side dishes earned raves also. Shauna (Ahh Shoot! Photography) photographed moments to remember. Bolivar Peninsula’s famous cake and pie maker Rita Moseley baked a scrumptious Carrot Cake decorated with one (1) candle. Of course her fine husband Charles assisted. Ruth Potts, Wayne and Kitty Laws and Marcel and Linda C Elissalde enjoyed food, drink, and laughter. After consuming copious quantities of cuisine, gifts were presented. Ellie gleefully opened and admired every present. Pollards and guests visited for many hours.

Old friends reminisced while new acquaintances shared interesting stories. It was so much fun. However, the time eventually arrived to pack up and go home. Ellie’s Clever Birthday Plan will be repeated in 2022. We look forward to sharing next year’s soiree when Ellie Pollard turns one (1) year younger.


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  1. Shauna says:

    Oh! Linda! Thank you for capturing in words and pictures such a beautiful and fun Birthday story for Ellie!!! We had such a wonderful time!

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