cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Last week, we had to venture across the pond into Galveston, best part was no Dr visits. It was big box stores, ugh! We had to hit the courthouse for license renewal, credit union and then lunch. Remember, never go to grocery store on an empty tummy. So we didn’t. Many of our friends have raved about the Black Pearl Bar & Grill so off we went.

Oh was it good and reasonable at lunch. We had a beverage while waiting for lunch and they were tasty too. I swear these people took lessens from Kelly’s. If you have not been to Kelly’s you would not understand, they pile your plate to the top and more and as you will see in pictures that is how our lunch was.

RR got the Black Pearl poor boy and I got the shrimp enchilada lunch plate. RR’s oysters were soaked in hot sauce then dredged in cornmeal and lightly fried. They were topped with blue cheese, OMG. The lunch plate I got came with a salad, unbelievably tasty rice and three enchiladas. I may have eaten half at the most and brought the rest home. If you have to leave the peninsula, try this place at lunch, the special was $9.00.

My surprise for this week was a gift from Shannon – Stonewall peaches from Fredericksburg. You know the kind that you take a bite and the juice drips down your chin and the second bite it has gone from your fingers to your elbow. The box was full on Thursday and I can promise it will be empty by Saturday. Thanks!

A friend is having a party tonight and it’s bring a dish, so I am trying something new, hope it comes out OK. I kinda mixed recipes up and normally it works. I have two zucchini that need to be cooked so I grated them, poured a can of rotel in them and a box of dressing mix, lots of cheese in and on top. I’ll let you know how it came out.

Have a great week and be kind to one another. It is way too hot to get mad.


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