Fun Spot Lifeguard Training

The Fun Spot provides yearly lifeguard certification classes to ensure their lifeguards are properly trained and prepared to keep visitors safe while having fun. The lifeguards receive the Red Cross Shallow Water Lifeguarding certificate upon completion of both online and in-pool training and exercises. The various areas of study include the responsibilities of a lifeguard with facility safety and effective surveillance, injury prevention and emergency action plans, as well as water rescue skills with breathing and cardiac emergencies along with first aid. Last week, eight lifeguards completed the in-pool segment at Fun Spot under instructors Eddie Dyess and Hunter Heidelberg.

The lifeguards with updated certification are: Zenn Taylor, Faith Berger, Julian Blume, Jacob Beasley, Alyssa Rodriguez, Chloe Smith, Gayle Sheffield, Destanie Billiot, and Alayna Sisk. “The American Red Cross Shallow Water Lifeguard class provides entry-level shallow water lifeguard participants with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies in shallow water up to 5 feet deep and to provide care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services personnel take over.”

Bobby and Tracy Mistrot have owned Fun Spot for 13 years. Other than an occasional bruise or minor cut, they have operated the slide injury free, largely due to the training and dedication of the lifeguards. Fun Spot always has 3-4 certified lifeguards on duty during the week, and 4-5 on the weekends. There is no better place to refresh after a long day on the sandy beach, or take a break from the gulf waters with a Fun Spot slide day. You’ll always receive a warm welcome and smiles!


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