Old Age

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Some days are easier than others. Then you add in the new normal, that is “sit on your rear-end and stay in the house.” As you well know, being sediment is not your friend when you are older. Things just get harder to do. Like getting out of the chair or off the ground. This is why you have great grandkids, and we do. We are so lucky, thank goodness that most of them love to come help Grandma and Papa. This week, Josh found a good deal on batteries that assist our home, the ones we had were on their last leg. RR and I would have had to tag team just to pick these batteries, much less install. You see they are under the front of the fifth wheel behind items you cannot move. We are not strong enough anymore, or sad to say slim enough to install several things in our home. Another fine example is our kitchen sink faucet. It was put in before the under sink storage was made. Do these people not realize some day maintenance would be needed? I guess this is why you have so many skinny young handy people.

Matthew, our last born grandson, is very book smart and with the help of Papa, when we had Camp Papa, and of course U tube has put the other side of his brain to great use. When he was very young, he would come and spend a week every month of summer vacation. This time was mainly spent with Papa outside working with wood and tools. This past year, Matthew purchased my pickup and into U tube he went learning ways to add new features and maintenance. A month ago, we gave him our power washer to overhaul and use in his yard maintenance job. Moral to this is story: we get free cleaning of our 16 ft tool box, our home and truck.

I hope your life is filled with safety and happiness. I don’t know about you, but I need to learn some new crafts. I tried crochet using U tube. I started a simple granny square but not too good. I ended up with seven corners on a four corner square. Never did get the hang.

Life is good!


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