It’s been a week to remember

By Georgia Osten
Not only about Ike and all our circumstances of 10 years ago, but with the oncoming Hurricane Florence hitting our precious loved ones in North Carolina. Our North Carolina family, 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 labs, planned out their possibilities like pros, you’d think they had gone through it all before. “I hope we don’t eat all our snacks before the storm actually hits!” These folks are in Fayetteville, 90 miles inland from Wilmington. They went to school through Wednesday, the school promising to close by Thursday, and it did. Our daughter went to WalMart on Monday to stock up, the water was already gone, but our son-in-law got several cases from on base – Fort Bragg.

We ordered a bath bladder from Amazon to be delivered on Wednesday to Fayetteville, it was a day late in arriving, but in plenty of time for our family. This water contraption filled into the tub saved us during Harvey when Crystal Beach shut off our water and we were without water for over a week. Hopefully, it will help our N.C. folks as well.

Several areas from Wilmington inland are flooded at this point. Another of our family, Paul, is already stationed in North Carolina with Operation BBQ Relief to assist and feed first responders and those affected by the storm. If you don’t know anything about OBR, take a look at

We are blessed by the compassion of these folks and pray for their well-being.

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