cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. Some of ours was spent in memories of years past when my Mom and Dad were alive and our daughters were little. Every Memorial, 4th of July and Labor Day we would travel west on Highway 90 to New Braunfels. It started when I was only 5 when my sister married Ray, he had spent many years in New Braunfels, in fact, he almost had Dolores convinced to elope there. But she wanted a big wedding and that is another story.

As years went by, my best friend, Jerisue and I had the pleasure of spending almost every other weekend on the Comal River. Her parents would go one weekend and mine would go two weeks later. Jerisue and I even had dates with local boys there. Another story … maybe.

Then RR and I met and started our own memories of the Comal River and then our girls married and started their traditions at this river. Neither RR or I could float that river if we had to, but in our dreams we think we could.

So it is time to let go and start our own new memories and sometimes that may be a little difficult. Except we have friends that are in the same boat, their children are off on their own adventures. So we gather at the park, make some really good food and start something new.

RR and I worked Wednesday, but our friends here at the park fixed a great chili and invited us for dinner. We sat in the shade with a breeze and enjoyed each other’s company. Thursday, I think RR could have slept the day but rose to the occasion and all the men made a meat for dinner, RR fixed smoked ribs, Eddy made two smoked pork butts, there was chicken, pork chops, sausages, and the best butter beans by Ben. We ladies did the sides, and Big Daddy made the apple pies fresh from the Big Store.

Friday we went to Shannon and Paul’s for more delicious food with Terri and Grey, Terri just had her birthday so we will celebrate that, too.

So glad we snapped out of our melancholies, old people can have fun too.


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