Miss Bee’s Bolivar Buzz (7-28-2020)

By Shannon Williams
We have all heard the saying, better be careful what you say, so several months ago while enjoying time with my sweet friend Charlotte Byus, I casually mentioned that if she ever wanted a break from writing for the Crystal Beach News, I might try my hand at it…well guess what? I will have to give it a try now, so I will do a few columns which I hope will either make you smile, make you think or make you feel good feelings in your heart. I will gradually let you know more about me…

First, I wanted to talk about what all we have missed during this pandemic. I know we have all missed all the spring and summer events that we all enjoy, Full Moon Party was the hardest for me, (I know they had it, but with a mother and mother in law in the 90 range, we are being extra good and avoiding crowds of any kind). The news that the Crabfest was also cancelled brought a sad feeling. Crawfish boils and most importantly having friends, family and neighbors over for drinks and dinner have really been missed in our home. I cook and my husband loves a cold beer and both of those are best enjoyed with others. I also know they will all be back and we will embrace them all and maybe not take them for granted. Nevertheless, what I worry about most is, will we give up hugging? I am a hugger, always have been and hope I always will be. When social distancing is a thing of the past, will we go back to reaching our arms out?

As I was shopping at the Big Store this week, I saw a young girl (maybe 8 or 9) with a very cute mask on. I smiled though my mask and could tell in her eyes she was smiling back. I then said, “you know you can smile with your eyes and people can see it.” We met again in another aisle and she had a big eye smile for me and a wave. So, will hugs be a thing of the past, if so, we must work on ways to greet people, known and unknown so they know we wish them well and glad our paths crossed. This is so important during this time as we deal with the world around us. So this week, I am going to work to greet more people and make sure that somehow they can feel the feelings beneath the mask. Just hope I don’t get arrested in the Big Store if I walk up and down the aisle air hugging everyone! ‘Til next time, BEE KIND, it starts with each one of us.


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2 Responses to “Miss Bee’s Bolivar Buzz (7-28-2020)”

  1. Nancy Bachman says:

    Welcome to the Crystal Beach local News!!

  2. Charlotte Byus says:

    GOOD JOB!!

    So glad you joined the great team.

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