My Old Friend

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
When an old friend gives up the ghost and leaves you it is very sad. Try as you may, finding another one is harder than it looks and feels. You know, you just cannot accept the changes that have passed you by over the years. Plus, trying to make a match with something that so perfectly matched will not happen again. True Sadness.

Of course, you know I am talking about my 30-year-old skillet! You can only push your Teflon just so long before you endanger your family. Try and try again with different styles and thickness, nope nothing is correct. Why Oh Why did you desert me!

My older grandchildren have been given my rejects and they see nothing wrong with them. They even enjoy cooking with them. Yes, you got it, they were three that went to the wayside. Thank goodness we have three grandkids that live on their own. I guess I could have tried sneaking them to Goodwill, but I think RR would have pitched a fit or laughed at my inability to conform to new technology.

I have a skillet that my sister gave me that was Mom’s and I love it, it never is hard to clean, very few items stick to the bottom, and it is not Teflon. In fact, it is better than any Teflon pot or pan I have ever had. It must be over 50 years old! Can you believe it? Things were made with pride back then and it was from the good ole USA. Then, of course, I have the good ole 2-fried egg skillet.

This new one has taken my cooking heart. It has a handle and a grip on the other side and a lid with a vent for steam. Plus, it is big enough to get rid of the Dutch Oven. Well not really, but I can cook a roast, potatoes and carrots, 6 quarts of spaghetti sauce … But wait, there is more! I love my new friend.

In talking to our daughter, Rene’, a while ago, she is getting Jason a new BBQ pit that controls from your phone. NO WAY! And it does not use charcoal! I guess this is the new normal. UGH!

Have a great Week. And please wear your mask. Thanks


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