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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I am changing Momma Kitty’s name to Moochy Momma Kitty not Hutchie Momma. Every once in a while, I will receive a picture from a neighbor of Mooch enjoying a snack at someone else’s home. She enjoys great conversations with everyone she knows, not so much new comers, especially those with dogs. She will not chase a bird from her food at home but she will chase a skunk. Silly Mooch! I need to keep tomato juice in the pantry just for her. As I see it, catching her after she has caught the skunk will be difficult at best. She does not like to be picked up at anytime. Now if it is her choice, she will jump in your lap until she discovers where she has landed and down she goes, even before you can pet her. Silly Cat!

If there is a party in the park, she joins in the conversation. Our neighbors behind us have several Labs and a little yippy dog. Mooch enjoys it when the family is off to the beach and she can sit as close as she wants to their cage and aggravate the fur off them. Bad Kitty.

When it is raining, she prefers her food placed under the trailer so she and her food will not get wet. Spoilt rotten cat! You see, this is what she has trained me to do. The plants on the deck and table are hers. She will take a nap in their pots with her head on the leaves as a pillow. She will use them as shade on a hot summer day.

When the park is full, she is not around unless it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. She can tell time without a watch or clock. But I must say she does not like changing of time. She will let you know she does not care what you think the time is, when she is hungry YOU must feed her.

All of these things are typical cat traits and I guess that is why we love her so much. You see, she adopted us, not the other way around. She could tell right away where the weakest links were. Cats are smart that way.

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