Our UPS Man – Aaron Springer

By Linda Elissalde
What a magical night! The standing room only crowd provided a rousing ovation as AARON SPRINGER, our United Parcel Service man, entered the room. Family and friends packed Jose’s Cantina Cajun Steakhouse to honor everyone’s favorite “Man in Brown.” People lined up to taste Jose’s fine buffet, but the really long line was one of people waiting to shake hands with, or get a hug from, our UPS man.

Aaron worked 40 1/2 years for UPS, and 40 of those were spent serving the Bolivar Peninsula. Now Aaron has retired. While folk are happy for him, there is great sadness for all of those who have delighted in their contacts with this remarkable person. Albums, pictures, and comments from residents were displayed throughout the banquet area. A money tree, gifts and cards boxes overflowed with gratitude while voices overlapped with shared personal memories of Aaron’s myriad good deeds.

People lined up to shake hands with, or get a hug from, our UPS man.

The UPS motto is United Problem Solvers. Mr. Springer certainly lived up to that. Mailing to physical addresses in this area can be confusing. Aaron could find any recipient. He took the time to help whenever, and wherever, help was needed. Aaron was so trustworthy that some residents gave him their house keys when they were gone. Several reminisced about waiting for him when they were children. He is the only UPS man they have ever known. Elaine Rollfing told how even the day after he retired, Aaron hunted down a lost package and carried it by hand straight to her door.

Aaron is so loved by the Bolivar community that he was named Honorary Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce on two different occasions.

There is so much more to tell about this fine man. Aaron and his lovely wife Drusilla (Dru) have fostered over 50 children and adopted 8. Their love is boundless for their family and for their community. However, many of us will always be grateful for those times when he delivered purchases to our homes, and visited for a few minutes. Always happy, always sparkling, always making you feel that you were the most special delivery he had made that day.

Aaron and his lovely wife Drusilla (Dru) have fostered over 50 children and adopted 8.

Aaron, thanks for the memories. May you find as much joy in your retirement as you have given to us over the years. Our community will miss you. We all honked and waved whenever we saw one of those brown trucks delivering items on the peninsula. We were so excited if the driver waved back because then we knew it was OUR UPS MAN, AARON SPRINGER!


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