Putting On the Texas Ten

By Kelly Moad
Similar to the Freshman Fifteen, moving back home to Texas from living overseas for a couple of years requires elastic shorts and stretchy tops as we work on putting on the Texas Ten (pounds, that is). The kids were looking forward to their first meal once we landed on American soil – we talked about it often, planned the drive home from the airport, and salivated as we got closer and closer. Surely we enjoyed cultural cuisine as we traveled Europe and the Middle East, but there’s nothing like satisfying your palette with familiar flavors from Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Buc-ee’s, and various other local favorites. Not to mention all the family gatherings that require enormous feasts of tamales, tacos, rice, beans, burgers, dogs, fries…you name it, we have enjoyed every bite (and it’s only been 9 days)! Don’t forget the margaritas, beer, and other tasty beverages to wash it all down.

Needless to say, we wouldn’t give up a minute of the quality family time spent around the dinner table, in the pool, and beachside enjoying everything that Texas has to offer. It’s all a far cry from our meal plan at home with a balanced protein and veggie mix. And the routine of morning walks and workouts after the kids are off to school doesn’t quite fit into the summer laziness plan. We’re trying though. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to savor the flavors and cherish the time. Soon enough we’ll miss the very-specific-Texas-only spots as we settle in Florida. Who knows…maybe we’ll have time in our busy schedule to drive that extra hour to the nearest Whataburger!


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