Reverend Valerie Hudson

By Linda Elissalde

It was that merry month of May.
Pastor’s birthday soon to arrive.
The church wanted a celebration
One that would really, really jive!

Ah! Here lies the answer,
And Paulette is her name.
She makes talented parodies
That bring her lasting fame.

She called all choir members.
They answered, “Count us in.”
And from that very moment
Wild reveries did begin.

You might remember the Monkees
And their song: “Va-a-a-lerie”.
Paulette’s lyrics were most clever,
and The band chose their finest fi-i-nery.

The presentation went superbly.
They closed their act amid wild cheers.
Why, some folk even stated,
“Best show we’ve seen in years.”

Stingaree waitresses and helpers
Each earned a 5 Star rating
For serving thirty-two people
Without keeping any waiting.

What a marvelous party
With lots of love on display
To wish our beloved preacher
A Blessed and Happy Birthday!

[photos courtesy of Elinor Tinsley]

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