The EYES have it!

By Linda Elissalde
“The eyes are the windows to your soul.” Wm. Shakespeare
We are seeing a lot of eyes lately. Since more and more people are wearing masks to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, we may have to guess who is speaking to us. (To whom we are speaking?) There have been a few times when I needed to check out the whole body. Eyes give us clues not only to names, but also to how a person is feeling.

There must be a gazillion songs about eyes. They can be lying, sad, brown, green, blue, loving, Bette Davis and tons more. My husband Marcel has beautiful blue eyes. I have been sitting beside him when some woman has come over to say he reminds her of Paul Newman. As for me, I have brown receding eyes. My eyelids get droopier all the time. I think of them as turtle eyes. Lipstick is no longer my go to make up. Now, I make sure that I wear eye liner. Thanks to talented friends, I have bunches of cute masks.

We have been careful for 6 months now. The adage, “If something works, keep doing it,” shows results. Numbers go down when we mask up, social distance and wash hands. It isn’t a lot of fun. Then I think of my parents. They were young adults who married during The Great Depression followed by rationing during World War II and were deprived of much for around 16 years. They were part of the group that earned that title, THE GREATEST GENERATION. I want to be great too, and I can do my part as long as I have certain amenities. Number one is air conditioning. Lost of electricity equals lost of any thoughts of greatness on my part.

Marcel and I agree that 2020 has produced much suffering. At the same time we have enjoyed the most delicious watermelons we have eaten in years. Pedro Hernandez of The Big Store can pick out the best of the crop. He taught Marcel the secrets of finding the juiciest and tastiest. I guess I can survive a bit longer wearing masks – provided I have air conditioning, eye liner and good watermelon. At least I will have smiling eyes!


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  1. Brenda Beust Smith says:

    You have such a unique view on things, girl. I’ll read anything you write. And I need a closer look now at Marcel’s eyes!

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