The Week that Was!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
As you know, we are down to one truck which many of my friends say is no problem. That is until something goes wrong. RR had a doctor’s appointment this week, which is usually no big deal, except his truck will not fit in the parking garage at UTMB. That meant if I wanted to go with him I needed to park on the other side of the world and place bread crumbs through the hallways to find my way to and from the building where his appointment was. Ugh.

Second thought, let him off and go to Wally World and pick him up later. While I am checking out, RR calls to say he is ready. I load up stuff and head for the Clinic on Harborside. Thirty-five minutes later I arrived, he is standing on the street corner with arms folded. Where have you been! Of course, I wanted to say something catty but a few brain cells alerted me that said comment may not be welcomed.

Off we go for the second thing on the list and a light goes off on the truck. Really! Now we are already having problems with his key fob as it had started shorting out. You see if the key is anywhere near the truck it will start the truck and turn it off and do it again, no matter what time day or night. So I have been hiding his keys in the trailer, far away from the truck. I just have to find them when needed. Now the def light has come on the dash and then within ten minutes the engine light comes on. And, wonders of all wonders, the dash informs us that the truck will quit in 200 miles. Good Grief!

We turn around and head for the ferry. Get home to decide what to do next, turn on the TV. Guess what? The dish, satellite and TV hate each other and have stopped communicating. This was to be the time we discussed which dealership we were heading toward. Needless to say, I went outside to water plants, better safe than sorry, because no matter what I said there was going to be a growl coming from RR.

Next day, RR headed off to get the many things on the truck fixed and I cleaned house. Still no decision made on the TV, stay tuned …

I am only submitting pictures of the flowers that I watered because anything else pertaining to this story would not have been nice.

Have a good week!


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