Three days of Fun

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past weekend was fun and entertaining to say the least. As members of the Lions Club we few try to assist in the Beer Booth each year for Crab Feast. And a fine job we did! RR and I worked Friday afternoon and into the evening. The bandstand is directly across from our work station and we had the best seat in town. The bands were great on Friday, and you would have thought we had the dance floor. Toes were tapping and smiles were abound. We stayed for Jason Allen, but really too tired to stay for Bag of Donuts, darn. Ya know we are old …

Saturday, Asst Park Ranger, Brenda, gave me a lift to the park to work my 2-6 shift. It was so hot on the field but not so much under the tent of the booth. Once again, the bands in the afternoon were great and lots of fun to tap your toe. The guys who kept us in beer and ice were wonderful and all the beer was cold and ready for serving.

Of course, our church time is 6pm on Saturday. Yes I did. Marched right into church in my beer smelling T-shirt and tennis shoes. No one said a word cause they knew they would have to answer to the man up stairs. LOL!

After service, RR took me to Stingaree for dinner. I am not a big beer drinker, but I did enjoy a Margarita or two and a wonderful dinner.

Sunday morning, up at 5am to get ready for cruise working. This day was a little different than the past, you see RR started work today. I am such a mother hen, I worried for the first two hours. But then my job kicked into gear and I did not have time to look up for about four hours. And there he sat across the aisle smiling at me. The person who was to train RR was out for the first time in two years. Being a person born with a microphone in his hand, he was taken to his station with script in hand ready to greet all the people on the many busses. It was 4 o’clock before I knew it and we said we were going out to eat, but that was twelve hours before. We headed straight for the ferry and had snacks for dinner with fritos, ya know no shoes!
Hope you had a great Mother’s day.


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