Week One of Crazy Chaos

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I have not been out of the house since the first part of last week, so I have been oblivious of the real world. Polly Anna here had no idea what Wally World looked like until yesterday. And of course, I went through the gardening section before heading to food and drinks. OMG! When I got to the first isle of groceries there was an employee handing out toilet paper one package at a time with a person next to her guarding the paper! REALLY!! When I made it back to milk and dairy everything was taken, only one left. So many of the aisles were empty, didn’t matter if it was canned goods or water, they were empty in Wally World. I really had a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

I guess this must be what it is like in Europe and the third world countries on a daily basis. What I am having a hard time understanding is why? The mayor of Houston said it best, “toilet paper, this is not the flu, it is a virus.” What I didn’t realize, I was going to become part of the Chaos. You see, we do not use regular toilet paper, we use RV paper. Help! There is none! This paper is kept in the camping department back by the auto repair area. If you are lucky there are maybe 50 packages of paper. Nope, not even a roll!

My fear is the repercussion from the TV to the stock market causing our nation to turn into “one for me, and none for you, or anyone else.” We have been so against each other for the past few years, I fear we have forgotten the Golden Rule and basic Being Kind to One Another.

I have a husband who has COPD and emphysema and, of course, I have emailed our doctor through My Chart on what we should do and what to look out for. She got back to us quickly and reassured us and gave us a phone number to call for appointment if needed.

Off my soap box – RR and I will be out work for at least a month or more. I have decided to play in dirt and get my tomato plants put out. RR has worked on the new boards for my plant hanger. He made this for me many years ago when I had too many hanging baskets. My part of this endeavor is sanding and painting the boards. I love to paint but sanding is not my favorite thing to do. As far as painting, I am my father’s daughter. I look good in every color I paint.

I have been getting ready to replant some plants that have outgrown their pots and basically playing in the sunshine. Are you getting the drift? While we are off work let’s be productive and have a little fun too.

The sun was shining when I started this but now not so much.

Remember only one package of toilet paper per person.


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