End of School Year SPLASH!

By Linda Elissalde
United Methodist Women (UMW) threw an End of School Year Party for Bolivar Peninsula children, family and friends. Many gentlemen volunteers helped by setting up and taking down canopies, tables and chairs. The event was a splashing success enjoyed by kids and adults. Everything was free to all guests. UMW ladies provided hot dogs, lemonade, and chips for hungry participants. Laura Bryan painted cats, flowers, rainbows, Pokémons and requested artistic designs on smiling faces. Folk thumbed through myriad books to find just the right ones to read to, or to be read by, happy readers. EMS and a Bouncy Castle lured individuals to look, learn and bounce.

There was so much to do. However, most everyone agreed that the waterslide was the hit of this hot, steamy day. Young people and grownups kept climbing the stairs to slide down a slippery slope and splash into a cool pool of water. Pastor Valerie Hudson and other women manned the hose to keep that cool pool full. No one stopped until they were just too tired to crawl up and slide down one more time.

UMW planned a Back to School Party in August of 2017. After losing out to Hurricane Harvey, the group decided to host an End of School Year Party on May 26, 2018. This party was such a success that there will probably be another next year. And, you can be sure that it will also be a big SPLASH!

End of School Year SPLASH!End of School Year SPLASH!End of School Year SPLASH!End of School Year SPLASH!


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