Kids Hunt for Bolivar

Every summer, Bolivar Tourism & Visitors Center hosts the ten week treasure hunt. Each week, The “Hunt For Bolivar” is a clue driven search around the peninsula to find a hand-painted rock. Follow the daily clues, find the rock named ‘Bolivar’, and win cash prizes! This summer, the Hunt For Bolivar concluded with a kids-only hunt at Fort Travis Seashore Park. Last Thursday morning, a handful of kids (and parents) set out to find the three ‘Bolivars’ hidden somewhere on the Park grounds.

The kids set out at 9am, searching for the Bolivars concealed somewhere in the 50 acre park. Around 9:45, Olivia Messick, age 10, found a painted rock hidden in the grass on the side of one of the bunkers. She came running back to the pavilion with the first Bolivar. Olivia earned the First Place Prize of $100. Not long after, her sister McKayla Messick, age 5, found the second Bolivar to earn a prize. And then Alex Dodde, age 10, found the third Bolivar for a prize.

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to Bolivar Tourism for another fun Hunt For Bolivar!


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