Important Change for Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals begins September 1, 2016!

GcountyBeginning September 1, 2016, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) will send a notification along with motor vehicle renewal notices to those individuals who are delinquent in child support payments (six months or more) stating that their vehicle registration is blocked through the Department of Motor Vehicles Registration and Titling system. This policy will apply to vehicle registrations due December, 2016 forward. The Galveston County Tax Office will be unable to process motor vehicle renewals which have the block in place until such time it is removed by the Attorney General’s office.

As provided by State law, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) can deny vehicle registration renewals of parents who have not paid child support for at least six months. The law applies to the OAG child support cases and allows the OAG to deny renewal of Texas licenses, registrations and permits held by delinquent obligors. Parents will receive a letter from the Office of the Attorney General stating that their vehicle registration will not be renewed until they contact the Attorney General’s office to arrange a payment plan and make a satisfactory payment toward the plan. The letter will also provide information regarding the steps that can be taken to release the hold on their vehicle registration renewal.

The OAG can be contacted by calling (866)-646-5611 or for more information, go to and

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