Into the next decade we go

By Georgia Osten
I told my family I just wanted a small gathering, just the family, not a big deal. So, they obliged, but only for a little while. We started out the celebration on Friday night at Steve’s in their private dining room, which is a good idea when you consider half of us are under the age of 11! The private room offered the more restless ones room to move around, look out the windows and be a bit louder than what is expected in a group of people. That is, people who do not know us.

All was going well until they told me they had invited all of Crystal Beach for a BBQ on Saturday from 5-8pm. I should have expected something when my son-in-law pulled in with his huge cooker trailer, the one he uses for Operation BBQ Relief (OBR). He takes it to disaster areas to feed multitudes! They told me he would be deploying the next day or so to Florida or the Carolinas, wherever Dorian was intending to make landfall. Well, okay, that was the truth, but as we speak Dorian is still hovering over the Bahamas creating havoc.

Saturday began as if we didn’t have a care in the world. We gathered all our beach toys, canopy and chairs and headed to find a spot to set up on the crowded Labor Day beach. When it was time for the twins to get a nap, we all decided to get back home to get ready for a party.

Then, here came the “70” shirts, just like the ones we had for PawPaw last year, but with a little more bling for Grandma/Nana. Oh these kids, one surprise after the other.

We’re missing some very powerful players in this picture, our two college kids who started back at school only a week ago, and Michael, God Bless You and Keep You Safe. We’ll keep the pool warm for you! Our 70’s Picture will be updated at Christmas when everyone is back together.

The party began and all the loving people we know, friends from so long, showed up. We sat downstairs, visited and ate the wonderful feast these guys had been laboring on and scheming on for goodness knows how long. Elaine made one of her famous cakes and cookies galore.

Thank you to all my fabulous friends and my fabulous family, I cherish you all!

My Cup Runneth Over

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  1. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    Georgia is on our minds when we think back over this wonderful evening. It was a joyful event for a fabulous lady. Great food, great family, great dog and great friends gathering to celebrate the 70th birthday of Georgia Osten!

    Happy Birthday, CUTIE #1

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