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A raffle was held on August 17th during the Bolivar Rig Run raising over $400 for Keep Bolivar Beautiful. The raffle item was an original painting by Zeb Hickman, a local Beaumont artist. Zeb was present this past Saturday at Hardheads as the check was presented to Carlis Cole, with Keep Bolivar Beautiful.

By Andrea Sims-Kaptchinskie
Our fundraiser consisted of an original painting donated by a local Beaumont artist, Mr. Zeb Hickman of Zeb Hickman Art https://www.facebook.com/zebhickman.art.3.

Zeb and his family have been regular visitors to Bolivar for many decades and continues to enjoy their visits to this day. He has been a long supporter of Bolivar, participating in local-sponsored art venues as well as local businesses here on Bolivar. Zeb displays a variety of pieces that have been on display at HARDHEADS IceHouse & GRILL for many years. When Zeb “caught wind” of the first ever catamaran sailboat races to be held off the beach, he wanted to be a part of it. Zeb went back to his art studio and created a piece that truly captured the essence of the Annual HARDHEADS Bolivar Rig Run.

As a gift presented to HARDHEADS, Zeb told Andrea, “You can do whatever you want with it. I just wanted HARDHEADS to have it.” Andrea reached out to “Big Jim” Denys, founding member of the Bolivar Yacht Club and the mastermind of our beloved ‘Rig Run’. Together, the two felt the best thing to do with such a generous gift, is to ‘pay it forward’. The decision was made, Keep Bolivar Beautiful was the charity of choice. Andrea organized a raffle, challenged her employees to see whom could sell the most tickets, marketed via social media and promoted throughout the weeks.

On August, 17, 2019, Jim, representing the Bolivar Yacht Club and Jason, with HARDHEADS IceHouse & GRILL, proudly announced the winner of Zeb’s painting. Mr. Dan Vandeventer, of Liberty, TX, property owner and ‘local’ of Bolivar. Carlis Cole, with Keep Bolivar Beautiful, was the recipient of a gift of over $400. In the future months, Carlis will be working with Keep Bolivar Beautiful to identify the perfect use for such a generous offering.

Given the success of each of these races, and especially the enormous participation of this year’s race, this event is surely on its way to becoming one of Bolivar’s greatest Family-FREE-Events!

There is not much more that captures the epitome of beach life, like Sand, Surf, Sun, and Sailing.

If you have not experienced this event, you are surely missing out. Everyone has an epic time. The beach is awesome, the sky is beautiful, the spectators have a great time, as well as the sailors. It is a great event for our entire community!

Be sure to mark your calendars and book your beach rentals for next year!

The date has been announced: The 6th Annual HARDHEADS Bolivar RIG RUN will be Saturday, August 15, 2020, with a Captain’s meeting/dinner on the Friday evening before. Be sure to keep up with social media to receive the latest updates:

Links to the 2020 6th Annual HARDHEADS Bolivar RIG RUN Information:
The Bolivar Yacht Club: https://www.facebook.com/Bolivar-Yacht-Club
Sponsor: https://www.facebook.com/savethehardheads/
Fundraiser Recipient: https://www.facebook.com/KeepBolivarBeautiful/

Links to the 2020 6th Annual HARDHEADS Bolivar RIG RUN Events:



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  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Many thanks from Keep Bolivar Beautiful, such a wholesome family event what better way to spotlight the beauty of Bolivar. Looking forward to more awesomeness in the coming years, WTG! Carlis Cole

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