On the Road, Again

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Worked Sunday, then Monday, took RR to the doctor as he has been a very sick pup. Our wonderful family doctor had an x-ray done to make sure it was not pneumonia and then decided the route to get him well again. Brought him home, as the bed was calling, and off I went for drugs and stuff. Had my very last transaction with the WalMart pharmacy in Galveston, that is another story. Started medicines to make him well and sort of happy again.

Tuesday was a day on the road. My sister, Dolores, and I had made plans to meet in Luling at the first of the month. Once again, the weather dampened those plans. Of course, we tried again, ’tis the season you know. The weather person said there was fog all the way to San Antonio, she was correct. Just after turning onto I-10 in Katy, the construction and fog joined me, Ugh! That’s ok, just slow down and stay in my lane. Both of these are so difficult for me in that big ol’ truck but I persevered, sort of.

After living on Bolivar for so long, my timing was a little off for the drive. I made it to Lulling in half the time. So what do you do? Of course, SHOP. Best place to shop, Buc-ee’s! I had an hour and half to kill and boy did I have fun. Finally, we met – Dolores, Bobby and me. We ate our way through lots of BBQ and sauce at the Luling City BBQ Cafe and caught up on the last six months of family talk. I brought Dolores stuff I had for her and she outdid me by a mile by bringing fresh fruit cake cookies and sand tarts.

Wednesday was a work day and Thursday was really a work day! You know, washing, vacuuming, and more yucky stuff.

Finally, the great “do over day” has arrived. Shannon, Teri and I are off to Brookwood for shopping and lunch. We took the drive to Brookshire as time to catch up on our adventures since the last time we saw each other. When we arrived, we had time to scope out the shopping area before heading to the dining room. Lunch was delicious, desert was unbelievable and shopping was so much fun. Shannon’s car trunk was close to full.

Heading home we took a detour to Hwy. 6 in Alvin for our last adventure to Froberg’s Farm. Now the trunk is really full. So many people forget about Froberg’s in the fall and winter, don’t. Their fresh veggies are to die for and they have this year’s pecans.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.
Until we meet again.


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