The Miraculous Mrs. Mary

By Linda Elissalde
Mary Raney was diagnosed with multiple cancers, including lung cancer, in 2018. One prognosis decreed that she had 18 months to live – a prediction that was so wrong. Mary put her health in the hands of good physicians, and her faith in the hands of God. She went through many treatments, tried out experimental methods and continued her contributions to the well being of church members and friends. Miraculous Mary turned 75 on October 6, 2021.

Betty Williamson and Sandi Covington collaborated on a birthday luncheon at Jose’s to celebrate the occasion. Sandi brought Mary to Jose’s. Ameray J. Perez, Autum Sky Baker and Thom Miller had the tables ready and waiting for the celebrants. Marsha Fredenburg, Betty Williamson, Sherry Morgan, Rita Moseley, Cindy Hunt, Raquel Silverberg, Dixie Rohan and Linda C Elissalde burst forth in a rousing, if a little off key, version of “Happy Birthday to You” as Mary entered. She was directed to her special chair and crowned as Queen Mary. Sherry Morgan delivered a beautiful luncheon blessing at Mary’s request.

Jose’s food was delicious, and Ameray and helpers provided the most perfect service. Mary opened numerous gifts and cards. She declared them all to be most special. IPhones clicked away to record each moment. Ameray stayed ahead of all request, helped with cutting and serving cake and joined in the festive party. Mary managed to blow out all her candles. Once again the group sang out “Happy Birthday to You”. Again, it may have been a little off key, but Mary did not seem to mind one bit. At last it was time to load up all the packages, left overs, and pieces of cake to take home and share with family. Mary hugged and thanked each person.

Early after her diagnosis, Mary declared her decision to fight. She stated, “Nothing shall separate me from the love of God, which is in Jesus Christ, our Lord.” We say, “Happy Birthday to THE MIRACULOUS MRS. MARY.”


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