Tribute To Educators

By Linda Elissalde

Here’s to the teachers, The staff and the crew.
We are so thankful For all that you do.

You get up each morning To come every day.
Why do you do it? Surely not for the pay.

The students are varied. Some of them soar.
Yet there are many Who need so much more.

There is Edwardo the scholar He is each teacher’s dream.
He is smart and clever, And he always is clean.

Carmen, the darling Quiet and sweet.
Her work is impeccable, Always perfect and near.

Of course, there are others Who need special care.
Thank goodness for teachers With affection to share.

We check our class lists For some we do cry.
Then there are those Who merit only a sigh.

Oh my goodness, On my list is terrible Janene.
She is ever so loud And just down right mean.

Then here is Thomas Who never does well.
His mom works 5 jobs. His dad’s home is a cell.

These are the needy Who can’t believe it is true.
When you give them a hug And whisper, “Oh, How I love you.”

You lift them up You make them stand tall.
Why, if it weren’t for you. No one would care at all.

So, thanks to the teachers, The staff and the crew.
You don’t only create dreams. You make dreams come true.


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