GO’s Sand Bucket, by Georgia Osten

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you.

I’m just a party girl

GO-0425By Georgia Osten
Yeah right, That’s me! No really, I love to plan parties, I’m not too much of a party-goer, but you ask me to plan one, and I’m all over it – Especially, if somebody else is paying. This event the Chamber puts on every year challenges the daylights out of me. I steam and stew about it for weeks. I threaten to quit my job. I wake up cranky and stay

Easter – Years Gone By

GO-0418aBy Georgia Osten
Sitting at mass on Easter Sunday, a couple of my friends were remarking how, way back when, we used to get decked out for church. Our Moms dressed us to the hilt. The whole sha-bang – hats, gloves, white patented-leather shoes, some sort of frilly dress. I remember making the girls dresses that would match mine. When did I ever have that much

Life is a Rollercoaster

GO_0411By Georgia Osten
Sometimes I wish it was only a ferris wheel. I do love a ferris wheel. Last week was a very eventful week. The twins, who weren’t supposed to be born until this Wednesday, got bumped up a week. Last Wednesday, we witnessed the arrival of our 7th and 8th grandkids, who join their 3 year old Big Brother. Three of the cutest little guys IN THE

I fancy myself a Gardener

GO-0404By Georgia Osten,
I think that’s what my name means, you know when you go look up your name and they tell you what you were meant to do or be, well, that’s me. Whenever I’m asked what my hobby is, like on your password for your bank account, I always say Gardening. Anyway, I recently asked my husband if he would cut my garden in half. It was too

Stock Up

GO-0328By Georgia Osten
I’ve learned over the years to take nothing for granted. We can go with serious stuff like relationships, family, your job, your health, on and on. But, because I promised you last week I’d be less serious and get back to my “happy-go-lucky” self, I want to talk to you about bath powder. Being less serious, I’m not going to mention the fact that

Leave Only Footprints

GO_0321-1By Georgia Osten
I’m so lonesome, I could cry. Lonesome – NOT, but I could cry when I look at what they left behind. Talking with a neighbor about Spring Break on Sunday, he told me he had to retreat into the sanctity of his home to get away from the speeding down his street. It absolutely makes your blood boil. What will it take? Someone getting


GO_0314By Georgia Osten
My husband reminded me we needed to make 7am mass in Winnie on Sunday. We didn’t remember time change until after 10 on Saturday night. I might never have agreed to a 7am mass, meaning I had to wake up by 5:30 (really 4:30) Holy Cow! Typically, Spring Forward time change has me all mixed up anyway. Monday morning, I woke at

You know when you’re not welcome

GO-0307-0By Georgia Osten
Well, let me put that another way. You know when you’re not necessary. That brings a smile to my heart, because it reminds me of a very special person in all our lives, who at the age of 2, maybe 3, told me “Grandma, yes necessary.” This statement came after I, being the disciplinarian always, reprimanded her for something –

Laissez les bons temps rouler

GO_0228By Georgia Osten
I don’t care how you say it, it was a hoot and ½! We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, but after all, we’ve been doing this for 4 years or so. It’s all about the beads, the t-shirts, the doggie treats, koozies and all the stuff we plan to thrown. Two golf carts again this year, the Crab Fest Raffle Golf Cart and our own CrystalBeach.com cart.

Happiness is when…

GO_0221By Georgia Osten
The laundry basket is empty for the first 5 seconds since I arrived last Wednesday. With three very active Littles ages 8, 6 and 4, every morning yields another load or two. School proved to be quite the challenge. The two oldest go to a private school 30 minutes away and the youngest goes only 3 days a week to a Morning Care. Grandpa and I

Jam-packed Weekend

GO_0214-0By Georgia Osten
It’s been a jam-packed weekend, one of those I would NOT pick as relaxing. Lately, I try not to get too worked up when it seems there’s a lot going on. I really just try to stay in a fog. That means, I try to just go with the flow. Earlier in the week, my husband mentioned that maybe we could go to DeRidder, Louisiana, to catch our nephew’s

Thanks, Mom

GO_0210By Georgia Osten
I read a story recently about the “cures” our Moms and our Aunts used to concoct for the young ‘uns in the family. It reminded me of my Mom and some I’ve tried on my children, especially when we’re in a remote location – meaning, not near a pharmacy or doctor. I guess I was 4 or 5, when we were visiting my Grandmother who lived out in the

Dream Bigger!

GO_0131-0By Georgia Osten
Oh to be more like Edward Bloom in Big Fish. He sure could spin a yarn. But, as my 17 year old granddaughter told me, “Grandma, it wasn’t just his imagination, it really happened.” We’ve been so fortunate to get to see a couple of productions put on by Clear Springs High School ever since Emma has been in their theater program at

Reflection – My Best Friend

GO_0124By Georgia Osten
I think of her often, lately almost all the time for some reason. For as far back as I can remember, she was in my life, the person I admired most – That’s my Granny. My mom was an only child and so was I, so I was the only grandchild she had. She was a practical nurse by trade. When I had my tonsils taken out she put on her uniform and took care of

Winter – January 6-8, 2017

GO_0117By Georgia Osten
I figure Winter’s over now, everyone told me I should wait, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve even started looking for flowers and plants – fat chance! I did go ahead and buy some weed & feed that was on sale at WalMart. Today, Martin Luther King Day, when I returned home from my not-so-usual shopping trip to town, I grabbed the hand

Home alone

go_0110By Georgia Osten
This past weekend was a perfect example of how I could become a hermit, an unbathed recluse, a do-nothing kind of pond scum. The weather played an important part of my decision to stay at home, but I did get out late Friday evening, Big Store bound, for kitty litter in case the stairs froze overnight. All set now, I felt perfectly

Shop ’til you drop

go_0103sBy Georgia Osten
It’s that rare time of year. It only comes around once a year. It happens when I go through all the receipts I keep in a small accordion file in my desk. I bundle them with a rubber band and put them away in another drawer for a few months until I’m sure I won’t be returning anything else. This is when I breathe a sigh of relief, thinking to myself

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

go_1227By Georgia Osten
We arrived in North Carolina on Wednesday before Christmas. A tradition in our home for too many years to count, has been to make up names to put on packages – not our real names. Other themes, Finding Nemo, Mater & Lighting McQueen, Pluto, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, Happy Feet, Toy Story. This year was

‘Tis the season to bake

go_1220-1By Georgia Osten
Or, in my case, trying to bake. I have, for so many years, had my regular Christmas collections like my Jam Strip Teasers, crescents, fudge and sugar cookies. This year, I wanted to try something different. My first fiasco was the crock pot candied almonds. For 2 ½ hours I went to the crock pot every 30 minutes to stir this glob of

Shopped ‘Til I Dropped

go_1213By Georgia Osten
This was a trip I have been planning for a few weeks. So I caught the 8 am ferry in time to get me to Bay Area Mall when it opened. I began at Dillard’s and proceeded around the entire mall all the way to Macy’s. Stopping at See’s Candies, a sports store, Vera Bradley, PacSun, two different calendar shops, on and on until I couldn’t possibly

My Most Favorite Time of Year – Christmas!

go_1206By Georgia Osten
What if Christmas doesn’t come from a store, what if Christmas means a little bit more? Seuss
A lot of tradition, that’s what Christmas is in our family. I can’t tell you what an uproar the first batch of cookies brought to our family. PawPaw and I were planning a trip to “the big city.” That means “away from


go_1129By Georgia Osten
Thanksgiving – typical, brings back memories from many years gone by. On Wednesday, I baked an apple pie and a pecan pie, then my granddaughter showed up. “Grandma, did you make a pumpkin pie, Mom loves pumpkin pie!” Well, no I didn’t, but I have all the stuff except evaporated milk. That’s okay, my grandkids love to go to

Happily ever after

go_1122By Georgia Osten
There we were, heading out of town for the weekend, making our way to catch the 6:30 am ferry. Wow, what a feeling of security, one facing east and the other facing west, our only two deputies, there on the side of the road, chatting. I guess Dannay’s wasn’t open yet…but I digress. Off to another wedding we go. I can’t tell you how much I love these

I Voted

go_1115By Georgia Osten
Let me begin by apologizing for even bringing this up again, but I have a bit of a point to make. I guess it’s all about “jumping on the band wagon.” Yep, I’m referring to Facebook and the elections. On election day, the amount of people who wrote in to tell us they had voted was overwhelming. Not to mention, the numbers who came in on that one

Congrats Chicago!

go_1108By Georgia Osten
I wouldn’t exactly consider myself an avid sports fan. I tolerate golf being on the TV all weekend, and I enjoy the noise of football going on, but to actually sit in front of the TV watching football makes me so nervous. I do a lot of yelling at the players. I am, on the other hand, hooked on baseball. I think I always have been, especially when the


go_1031-1By Georgia Osten
I have to admit, I’m a social media junkie – I can’t get enough of it. I’m also a big fan of Halloween, I think I always have been. This from a friend this morning…under a wine bottle would be more my speed. I’m so happy my Bunko month is October, I love the decorations, I love the costumes. Trunk or Treat at The Big Store was a

Oh Mickey

go_1025By Georgia Osten
Well Well – I can’t tell you when I worked out so hard. This doesn’t even compare to my regular routine of working around the house or even my once a week trip to the Y to swim 20 laps. Which, by the way, I was so proud of joining the Y, going up to League City on my “shopping day,” hitting the pool around 9 am, finishing with enough time

Not only can she read, but tell time as well

click for larger view

click for larger view

By Georgia Osten
Our almost three year old, Maezy, gets the notion every evening around 5 pm that it’s time to go back down to the beach. Dad takes her every morning to get his daily picture before I get out of bed. If I’m not up when she returns, she’ll come to my side of the bed to nudge my hand to wake me up. Usually, around 5, we’re each sitting at our

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